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Bromley Childminding Association

This can vary slightly from Borough to Borough as they all have different systems in place. We would therefore recommend that you contact your local Children’s Information Service  or the Childminding Development Officer for your area.

The number for the CIS in Bromley is 020 8464 0276

  • Most Boroughs organise a pre-registration briefing session. These can be  held evenings, daytime or even weekends. The presentations will cover the registration and inspection process and the support available to you. You will receive a copy of the National Standards and Guidance books from Ofsted and a pack of information.
  • Discuss with other members of your household the impact this may have on them. If any are over 16 discuss if they have any previous convictions that may affect the registration.
  • Read through the National Standards and Guidance Documents.
  • Complete a pre-registration course. This is normally the NCMA/CACHE  ‘Introduction to Childcare practice (Home-based)’ ICP although sometimes Boroughs deliver their own in house version. Most pre registration courses are 12-14 hours long and are often available daytime, evenings and weekends.
  • Complete a 12 hour Infant and Child resuscitation Course. It is important that you book this through your Borough to ensure the course meets Ofsted requirements.
  • You may be able to attend additional training such as workshops on Meeting the National Standards and Policies and Portfolios
  • Complete application form and send to Ofsted
  • Complete Medical Declaration and take to GP for confirmation
  • Complete CRB checks for yourself and anyone in the household who is 16 years and older, and await inspection visit
  • Prepare home for Inspection visit
  • Inspection by Ofsted
  • Request Start up Grant Funding (Some boroughs offer a grant whilst others offer free training.)
  • Receive CRB Clearances
  • Receive Certificate of registration from Ofsted
  • Contact Children’s Information Service to advertise vacancies
  • Contact Inland Revenue to advise them you are now self employed


How much will it cost me?

Pre-registration Training                           £0-£60
This can vary from borough to borough

First Aid                                                     £43
Sometimes offered free or discounted

Ofsted Registration Fee                            £18

Doctors fee to complete declaration         £0- £75 (varies)

Any additional resources/equipment you may
require to meet the
National Standards


What other help is available?

Some boroughs also offer a Support Childminder Scheme. Every prospective Childminder is allocated a specially trained Support Childminder to help them through the registration process and for their first year of working. They can help with filling in forms, building a portfolio, marketing ideas and how to develop routines etc.


Why might I be refused registration?

Ofsted can refuse to register someone as a Childminder if


They feel s/he is unable to meet the
National Standards


CRB checks for prospective Childminder or household member are not suitable
(criminal offence against child etc)


The property is unsuitable for Childminding


The prospective Childminder has been disqualified from working with children (can apply for a consent to waive disqualification. See Ofsted website for further details)


Frequently Asked Questions



I am only planning on caring for my grandchild. My daughter needs me to be Registered so she can claim the Childcare Element of the Working Tax Credit. Do I need to do all these courses?



Yes, Ofsted can only register you if you meet all the criteria laid out in the National Standards. Once Registered Ofsted have no idea of the children you mind, so they need to be sure if you were to mind another child, other than your grandchild, that you meet the Standards.



I already have a CRB check. Do I need to do another?



Check your CRB clearance. Providing it was obtained within the last three years and is enhanced then no you will not be required to complete another one. However anyone in the home over 16 will still need to do one.

Do not send your CRB clearance to Ofsted. Write the number on your application form and keep the clearance document to show the Inspector when they call.



I completed my ICP several months ago but have not received my certificate?



Pre 2006, the ICP was assignment based. There can be a delay of several months before certificates are received from CACHE as the assignments have to go through several stages of verification. Please contact Orpington College if you are concerned regarding the delay.



I have a  Level 3 Qualification in Childcare, do I still need to do the ICP?



Yes, Ofsted require all new childminders complete a pre-registration training course. This ensures that your knowledge is up to date and includes Child protection, running your own business etc.